Did she just ask me about a skill I don’t have?

You are sitting in the interview. Everything has gone so well… and then, the interviewer just asked you about a skill you don’t have. It wasn’t on the job description online, it never came up in any prior discussions. Don’t get nervous – stay calm in any situation during an interview. You aren’t prepared!

But yes! You really are prepared! How many times have you had to learn something on the job and on the fly? A new software your employer purchased and you’re supposed to be the expert? New ERP system and you have to learn it in one day to get financial reports out? A new process and you’re supposed to train other people on it?

“Ms. Interviewer, I haven’t had the opportunity to use that skill yet, but I have learned new skills quickly in the past. My last employer purchased a software and I had to ramp up quickly as I was appointed to become the expert. Let me tell you how I did it…”

You just turned a negative into a positive, showing you can take the initiative to tackle new things and get the job done.

What is that one question that stumped you during an interview? Share it with us in the comments below.

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