Ending your interview on a positive note

“All’s well that ends well.”
– William Shakespeare

The importance of ending an interview on a positive note can never be understated. As a job seeker, you’d ideally want to finish every interview on a pleasant note.

  1. Affirm your interest in the job.  Let them know that you want this opportunity.
  2. Tell them why you think you’re a fit and refer back to your conversation during the interview.
  3. When thanking the interviewer for giving you the opportunity to meet with them, a warm smile, accompanied by a firm handshake, is probably the nicest way to finish with a personal touch.

Making sure that you show your interest in the company and job always helps your chances.  It’s also important to leave a positive impression even if you aren’t the best fit for the current job opening. You never know when something else will come up and keeping your interview skills sharp is always a good idea.

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