4 great ways contract employees contribute to the success of your company

We are in a time of shifting business models and hiring needs. Here are some ideas on how engaging contingent workers fits well with changing, and sometimes uncertain, times.

1. Temporary or contract employees can help you avoid the negative consequences of unwise hiring decisions that can incur prolonged expenses and headaches.

Engaging contingent workers is a great example of “try before you buy“. You can observe the individual’s productivity and match with your corporate culture before hiring direct.

2. Contract employees bring new ideas and transferable skills to refresh your organization.

3. Contractors are brought on board to do one thing… the assigned project. So they tend to be more focused on solving problems and getting things done.

4. When the business is good and the projects are flowing, encourage contract employment to assist with the extra work. When the work load returns to normal, release the contractors instead of laying off employees.

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