What makes your workspace comfortable?

Money and other perks surely bring people to work, but what does it actually take to have people show up fully charged every day and do a fantastic job? Recently we went around the room at our Somerset office and asked our fabulous employees who voluntarily go above and beyond their “official” job responsibilities to contribute to the bottom line. Here are some of the intriguing responses we received:

“Money tree, heater and family photos”
We dare say this is a rational approach to stay inspired and productive at work. An office cubicle decorated with items that you hold dear to your heart is essential to staying focused and emotionally healthy as it relieves some of the stress of a regular workday by keeping the serotonin levels up!

“Freedom to make mistakes and learn from them”
As we jump from rational sensibility to philosophical wisdom, it’s important to remember that not every workplace gives you the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. That’s why Rangam, with its family feel, is growing by leaps and bounds. Our employees are not afraid to voice a suggestion or take initiatives.

“Professional and cultural enrichment”
Since we work from multiple locations in North America, Europe and Asia, our people are able to regularly talk to each other, get acquainted with different cultural norms and develop a sense of belonging in a truly diverse work environment that offers everyone an opportunity for professional as well as personal growth.

Send us a line or two about the incentives that drive you at work.

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